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Do you have what it takes to be an AutoUpLink Tech Expert? Do you find yourself constantly thinking of ways to help retailers install, learn, train, integrate, customize, and configure relevant products like ours? Interested in expanding your company’s product and service portfolio to your existing customers and to unlock new customer relationships? If you said yes, then our customers need your smart and talented self to join the Experts Program.

Why join?

  1. You have an opportunity to sell your services and technology with AutoUpLink Tech products.
  3. You get to represent popular and engaging merchandising, marketing and collaboration tools.
  5. You become affiliated with one of the fastest growing enterprise software companies.

Expert Member Benefits

  • Sales-ready Customer referrals
  • Access to AutoUpLink Tech Logos, Swag and Marketing Assets
  • Advanced product road map information
  • Expert Evaluation software licenses
  • Discounts on AutoUpLink Tech products
  • Reference to your Expert company in AutoUpLink Tech user sites/apps
  • AutoUpLink Tech newsletter mentions
  • Joint webinars with AutoUpLink Tech
  • Guest blog posts and blog mentions
  • Event sponsorship opportunities
  • And, last but not least, Experts t-shirts so you can gear up!

Locate an Expert

Whether it’s a complex Enterprise solution, a custom plugin, or deep-dive training for admins and power users, we have certified Experts dedicated to handling your specific needs around our products.

Our nationwide network of Experts help deliver an incredible experience with our products. If you need a plugin built, a deployment tuned, assistance with setup and config, or coaching about any app in our platform, we’ve got the expert for your job.

Tell us your wants and needs by filling out the form below. We’ll search through our list of fearless Experts who can provide professional services and find one just right for you.

If you are looking for Support, do not use this button, but find them right here.