The customer is king, and CRM enables teams to collaborate across departments to ensure there is a single enterprise view of each customer’s wants, needs, purchase history, communication, leads, legal paperwork and much more. Remove silos of information and implement an easy-to-use, customer-centric CRM.

The Highlight Reel

Web-based Software - Aeros CRM is entirely web-based and available in the Cloud to all your employees. No proprietary hardware or software is necessary to get started!

Focus on the Fundamentals - Aeros never loses sight of the underlying need to drive vehicle sales and service dollars in the dealership. With tools like Appointment Control and Campaign Management that are designed to be easy to use and to help management visualize results and influence sales, Aeros focuses on the fundamentals.

Manufacturer Certified - currently certified by 18 OEMs, Aeros is a sanctioned and recommended CRM for numerous manufacturers. Without a certified application your staff must use multiple applications to manage leads and follow up with customers. Choose Aeros to obtain a certified app, and gain efficiency across the organization as well as peace of mind with your manufacturer.

Crawl, Walk, Run™ - since our inception in 1999, we have worked with many dealers that had struggled with under-utilized systems before choosing Aeros. With too many systems on the market that over-promise and under-deliver, our goal remains to deliver a powerful set of CRM tools designed so any dealer can easily implement the package what is right for them. We understand that every retailer is different, and CRM has to be flexible enough to fit each one. Crawl, Walk, Run™ means you purchase what you need today, and there is a simple upgrade path you can move through when the time is right, and your team is ready to go. With too many one-size-fits-all systems out there, Aeros is the only partner offering a flexible pricing system that's P&L friendly.

Enterprise Marketing Database - the foundation of Aeros is a customer database designed to support any automotive retail organization. From a single dealership's customer database to a national chain with hundreds of dealership databases, Aeros consolidates and cross-references customer data across stores to provide a single view for each customer, no matter how many stores the customer has done business with in your automotive group. The Aeros software Suite enables a larger retail organization to deploy a customized CRM in each store while still realizing the enterprise database. One store can use the entry level features, while the next can use the everything including integrated desking. The enterprise database is the foundation your CRM efforts are based on.

The Highlight Reel
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Features & Benefits
  • Maximize lead potential, from all sources
  • Improve lead follow up efficiency, management and results
  • Create new business by converting previous customers to new opportunities
  • Increase appointments and leads with targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Schedule service appointment reminder and follow-up e-mails to build service volume
  • Easy-to-use Activity Management including automatic e-mails, phone call reminders, printed letters, tasks, etc., keep sales personnel on target
  • Retain more profitable customers in all departments with automated customer lifecycle follow up and incentive campaigns
  • Monitor results with actionable, real-time reports - track costs vs grosses, leads contacted, showroom visits, closing ratios and more
  • CRM certified by 17 OEM’S
Feature Lite Standard Pro

# of Users to Start

Adding additional users is a breeze based on the size of your business, but each package comes with a default number of licensed users.

5 10 15

Data Imported from Current CRM App

The database of customers will be exported from your current application and then imported into Aeros to ensure all customer data is present for initial use.

Online and On-site Instructor-led Training

Enjoy free online training for site curators for the life of the contract! Or if that’s not enough, we’ll send a field team to your location for training at your dealership.

Customized Dashboard & UI

Screens in Aeros can be personalized by users and by the dealership to ensure everyone has quick & easy access to actionable information, or to set data entry requirements.

Internet Lead Management

Use Aeros to respond, track, follow-up, and report on all Internet leads from any source in a single app.

Manufacturer Certified CRM

Aeros, certified by numerous manufacturers for lead management/CRM, "stops the clock" and satisfies all OEM requirements.

Private Email Sender Domain & IP Address

Avoid having your emails blocked due to another dealership’s “spammy” email behavior.

Do-it-yourself Email Campaigns

Send targeted email campaigns to focused lists (fewer than 1,000 emails allowed per campaign, but no campaign limits per day).

Online Selling Tools

Dealership-branded and model-specific email templates, email letterheads, call scripts, and PDF Brochures.

Centralized BDC Support

Aeros includes BDC-friendly features for stand-alone and centralized departments like lead rotations, call lists, appointment compensation reports, and more.

Phone Traffic Control Features

Integrate with phone systems, third party call recording apps, and log Phone Ups manually. Includes custom reports for management.

Call Tracking & Recording Integration

Real-time updates from third party call systems to create phone ups, store call recordings, and access recordings from inside Aeros.

Showroom Control Features

Log Showroom Ups and perform showroom follow up. Includes a showroom log and other custom reports for management.

Print and Save Electronic Business Forms

Automate form printing for deliveries. Saves data typed onto forms back to the CRM database.

# of Forms to Start

You can deploy additional custom sales or F&I forms any time you need more.

2 4 8

Real-time Inventory Updates

DPC apps receive real-time inventory updates from select, third party DMS systems or inventory management apps.

Automated Reminders and Activity Management

Customize follow-up schedules to create calls, emails, letters, and tasks for your team throughout the customer ownership lifecycle.

Appointment Scheduling & Confirmation

Automate follow-up for appointment confirmations and no-shows. Includes an interactive Appointment Log for daily tracking and Appointment analytics.

Print Letters & Post Cards

Create letter, #10 envelope & post card templates to print from any laser printer and mail from the dealership.

Custom Reports

Build and customize reports for management to review performance, productivity, status, ROI, etc. Embed reports on manager dashboards for actionable info!

OwnerBase Control Features

Automate follow up by your team throughout the customer ownership lifecycle to retain more customers.

DMS Integration & NCOA Cleansing

Improve delivered customer data accuracy in CRM with automated feeds from your DMS, including National Change of Address (NCOA) data cleansing.

Automated Data Mining

Lease expiration, loan maturity, positive equity, etc. Includes both automated campaigns and customized manual campaigns built by the dealership in Aeros.

Service CRM

Bullseye Email Campaign Module

Send email campaigns and view real-time analytics about open rate, clicks-through, etc. (no limits to delivered emails or campaigns).


Cash, Loan, Lease and powerful “Multiple Payment” views to quote vehicle payments and finalize deals directly from the CRM.

Bi-directional DMS Integration

Export deals from CRM to DMS in real-time. Also automatically syncs finalized deal data from the DMS back to CRM for each Deal, reducing errors and saving time.

ETO (Electronic Turn Over)

Negotiate payments with customers via computer from the showroom floor, using paper forms only to finalize the deal. Sales people start deals and submit to the desk in real-time for final numbers and for management approval. Dramatically improve CSI and profitability per unit sold.

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