Market making sales begins with online vehicle merchandizing and promotion that differentiates your inventory from everything else online. With do-it-yourself and on-the-lot service options to choose from, AutoUpLink Tech delivers a collection of apps to capture vehicle data, optimize and enhance each vehicle, and distribute all over the Internet to get inventory noticed and to convert more sales-ready leads!

Promoting vehicles online has never been easier with Dealer Profit Center (DPC) inventory management.

DPC is a comprehensive, do-it-yourself, inventory management arsenal that optimizes vehicle data and publishes your inventory all over the Internet to generate higher conversion rates per VIN. DPC is the killer app that puts your inventory in front of more buyers in a more compelling, visually powerful, and persuasive composition that generates leads.

Modern technology, shifting consumer shopping patterns and generational change make the modern Internet a different landscape to optimize and publish inventory to generate bottom line results. DPC includes automation and adaptive algorithms to optimize inventory comments and pricing by site, season, vehicle type and much more! And DPC comes in three easy-to-use packages so you can Crawl, Walk, Run™ to more vehicle sales!

The Highlight Reel

Web-based Software: Entirely web-based and available in the Cloud to all your employees. No proprietary hardware or software is necessary to get started with the do-it-yourself version!

Promote Everywhere: Getting inventory noticed starts with distributing everywhere your customers are online. DPC is capable of distributing your vehicle data to hundreds of sites, platforms, providers and apps all over the web. Get inventory out there and get noticed!

Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes: Every snowflake is unique and vehicles are no different. Tell the story with unlimited photos, custom comments, dynamic pricing, text-on-image, and much more. That car’s buyer is out there, you just have to tell the story to promote that vehicle.

Reporting and Analytics: What sets successful retailers apart from the average crowd isn’t just price. DPC has deep analytics to allow managers to dig into their inventory with actionable metrics and reports to help stock the right vehicles throughout the year, and to improve turn to increase profitability.

Easy to Use Interface: DPC makes all of this possible in a simple, yet powerful, interface that can be used by the technical and non-technical users alike. Get up and running fast and minimize the learning curve for new employees.

Feature Lite Standard Pro

Web-based Apps

All the software in DPC are either web-based applications or native mobile apps.

Do-it-yourself Internet Inventory Management (IIM)

Add/Edit/Delete Vehicles individually or in groups, create build comments, upload photos individually or in bulk, document options, and more using our Internet Inventory Management (IIM) web-app.

Online and On-site Instructor-led Training

Enjoy free online training for site curators for the life of the contract! Or if that’s not enough, we’ll send a field team to your location for training at your dealership.

24 x 7 CustomerCare

Need help in a pinch? Remote assistance is only a phone call, email, chat or text away!

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

View actionable reports to improve inventory turn and merchandizing.

Automotive Group User Access

An auto group, super user has access to multiple accounts via a single sign-on to save time.

Real-time Inventory Updates

DPC apps receive real-time inventory updates from select, third party DMS systems or inventory management apps.

DMS Inventory Extraction

The site can receive automated inventory feeds from your DMS multiple times per day.

Integration with Third-party Apps

Receive inventory data from AAX, FirstLook, vAuto, CarFax, eBay, and more to seed IIM with automated inventory feeds or for pricing updates.

VIN Explosion

All VINs entering IIM can be programmatically analyzed as they are imported to store accurate, predictable vehicle data about each vehicle (a.k.a. VIN Decode).

Vehicle Reviews and Awards Data

Vehicle data is augmented with editorial reviews & industry award info.

Mobile App

Install the VIN Studio mobile app to quickly capture photos of inventory while on the lot that sync to IIM in real-time as you work!

Upload Photos Individually or in Bulk

If you prefer using a digital camera to capture photos of an individual vehicle, upload the photos per vehicle or in bulk to save time. Compatible with any digital camera.

Drag-and-drop Photo Organizer

Quickly and easily arrange vehicle photos for online distribution.

Custom Photo Overlays

Embed Text, contact information, dealer logo, certified logos and more on vehicle photos (a.k.a Image Overlays)

Free Photo Overlays Included

Order more as needed from our Graphic Design team.

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SilentSalesman Slides

Include promotional and coupon slides (a.k.a. tiles) in-line with the vehicle photo stream to engage more consumers and differentiate your dealership.

Photo Backgrounds

Use our unique Photo Enhancement Service to automatically replace unsightly photo backgrounds with professional backgrounds and reduce vehicle staging costs.

Automated Vehicle Pricing

Automatically adjust pricing based on custom business rules, and store multiple price values per VIN.

Real-time Market Pricing Analysis

Compare pricing of any inventory vehicle to competitors’ prices in your market.

Automated Vehicle Comments Generator

Fully automated vehicle comments prioritized by relevance to the consumer based on vehicle type, season, etc. Includes vehicle recondition data from your DMS by VIN in customer friendly comments. Even senses price changes by your users and adds custom comments on the fly in real-time.

Spanish Language Presentation

Automatically translate vehicle data into Spanish.

Custom Window Stickers & Buyer’s Guides

Design customized, full-color window labels, and print and apply labels to your vehicles.

Free Window Sticker Label Stock Included

Included with DPC. Buy more Window Stickers as you need them.

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Free Buyer’s Guide Label Stock Included

Included with DPC. Buy more Buyer's Guides as you need them.

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Hang Tags+ Window Labels

Our DIY app that fully automates printing hang tags, custom shaped stickers/labels and more to dramatically reduce expenses for vehicle presentation on-the-lot.

Consumer-facing SEO VDP for Every VIN

Search Engine Optimized Vehicle Detail Page for every VIN that can be used as a landing page for marketing campaigns or framed into a web site.

Syndicate Inventory Data Online

Inventory data can be exported online in near-real-time to web sites and apps. DPC supports hundreds of sites all over the Internet.


Syndicate Inventory Data Online to Free Sites

Including Facebook, social media sites, and public listing sites.

Single-click Posting to Auction Sites

Easily list vehicles on auction sites like Adessa (formerly OpenLane), GM SmartAuction, etc.

Post Vehicles to Classified Sites

Use our DIY Ad Automation product or fully automated service to create compliant listings on CraigsList™, eBay Classifieds,, and more.

Syndicate Photo Slideshow Videos

Photo Slideshows (a.k.a. stitched videos) are generated from each vehicle's photo stream and sent to your website via our Video360 Lite app.

Create Custom Videos

Use our DIY Video360 mobile app to create walk-around vehicle videos, testimonials, and more! Videos are VSEO-ready, boost search visibility, and are distributed online (including YouTube)!

Vehicle Video Distribution

Whether you use our Photo Slideshow Videos or not, you can store individual video URL’s that can be included in syndicated data feeds.

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