On-the-lot Services

Vehicle Merchandizing is the the work you do before, during and after the vehicle is stocked into inventory, to produce sales content about vehicles (vehicle description & options data, pricing, comments, photos, video, etc.). You need this vehicle content to list and position your inventory online and offline. Kick ass merchandizing is not just instinct and hard work... it's a science (repeatable, predictable, detail-oriented, data-driven). When done well and consistently, vehicle listings will produce more sales ready leads, improving vehicle turn and profitability. Do it poorly and inconsistently, and lead volume will decrease over time.

The search is over if you need a full-service, on-the-lot provider to take your pictures, print your window stickers and visit the dealership regularly. We have boots on the ground throughout the country, and we can visit your dealership to capture and optimize your vehicle data so you don’t have to; you focus on the upstream promotion and selling, and we’ll do the heavy lifting on the lot.

The Highlight Reel

Expert Inventory Merchandising: from expert photography to videography, from vehicle data/options optimization to comment generation, and from window labels to online data distribution, our licensed experts can do it all faster, better and cheaper (per vehicle listed) than the average $12 / hour worker. Because Vehicle Merchandizing isn't $12 / hr work.

Reliable inventory data distribution online: Not only does our platform deliver real-time inventory data updates online using advanced algorithm VIN decoding, but our experts go through extensive training to ensure that every vehicle on your lot is advertised properly, representing all options and selling points. This means no angry customers coming back into the showroom, telling you their vehicle was less than advertised. And we guarantee our data and our photos, or we'll cover the cost you incur.

Relentless customer service (results only attitude): AutoUpLink Tech does not take vacation days, we do not get sick, and in the event of in-climate weather or other situations, we have extra staff available to provide continuity of service. Our insured and licensed experts are available up to 7 days a week to keep your merchandizing in overdrive.

Eye-popping Photos & Videos: anyone can pose a vehicle and push the camera's shutter or record button, but our experts have seen it all before and know how to present each vehicle's strengths and popular options. From individual photos to photo streams, and from clips to engaging videos, your vehicles will never look better.

Modern Window Labels: Window labels aren't just compliance paperwork. Engage with shoppers when vehicles are both on and off the lot with custom sizes & shapes and best-of-breed vinyl window labels for easy-on-easy off application.

Feature Lite Standard Pro VIP

On-site Visits

Select the best fit based on your inventory turn. Services provided Monday through Friday.

1 Day 2 Days 3 Days Daily

Dedicated Merchandizing Content Expert

For the life of your engagement you will work with the same expert who focuses on generating all vehicle content you’ll use online and off-line to merchandize your vehicles. Just like hiring a full-time team member!

Daily Visit Summary Report

Each visit includes a summary of content produced per vehicle to ensure we address your needs each day.

24 x 7 CustomerCare

Need help in a pinch? Remote assistance is only a phone call, email, chat or text away!

DMS Inventory Extraction

The site can receive automated inventory feeds from your DMS multiple times per day.

Integration with Third-party Apps

Receive inventory data from AAX, FirstLook, vAuto, CarFax, eBay, and more to seed IIM with automated inventory feeds or for pricing updates.

Vehicle Staging

Your licensed and insured Content Expert will carefully move, stage, and park vehicles as needed to produce sales-ready content.

Data Collection

Your Content Expert will personally review each vehicle to verify features, options and popular selling points to ensure each vehicle is advertised properly online.

Photo Posing & Positioning

Your Content Expert will pose & position vehicle photos to capture engaging photos of your vehicles.

Pre-owned Vehicle Photos

Your Content Expert will capture vibrant and engaging photos for each vehicle using a professional-grade HDLR camera.

8 15 30

New Vehicle Photos

Need more or fewer photos per vehicle? Just ask!

5 10 15

Custom Photo Overlays

Embed Text, contact information, dealer logo, certified logos and more on vehicle photos (a.k.a Image Overlays)

Free Photo Overlays Included

Order more as needed from our Graphic Design team.

0 1 2

SilentSalesman Slides

Include promotional and coupon slides (a.k.a. tiles) in-line with the vehicle photo stream to engage more consumers and differentiate your dealership.

Photo Backgrounds

Use our unique Photo Enhancement Service to automatically replace unsightly photo backgrounds with professional backgrounds and reduce vehicle staging costs.

QuickClips™ per Vehicle

A 10 second live video clip of each vehicle is included and distributed online.

1 1 1 1

Photo Slideshow Videos

Photo Slideshow Videos (a.k.a. stitched videos) are automatically generated from each vehicle's photo stream for all new and used vehicles and sent to your website via our Video360 Lite app.

Walk Around Video

Take vehicle merchandising to the next level and capture walk around video for all vehicles, including in-motion and parked vehicle positioning.

Hosted Video Vehicle Demos

When Walk Around Videos aren't enough, hosted vehicle demos are proven to boost video engagement up to 10x and lead generation. On-screen talent differentiates your video from the crowd.

Window Label Application

While on-site, your Content Expert will verify that each vehicle’s window labels are compliant and accurate and apply where needed.

Window Stickers

Branded, customized, full color, pre-owned vehicle window stickers available in multiple sizes and layouts.

Buyer’s Guides

FTC and State compliant Buyer’s Guides available in English or Spanish, and in multiple designs.

Addendum Labels

Add addendum labels to new or used vehicles that need them.

Custom Labels

Use our Hang Tags+ app to differentiate your vehicles and add labels with custom sizes and shapes, estimated monthly prices, or design your own!

DIY Inventory Management Software

Log into our web-based DPC app to update vehicles, add a photos, change prices, etc.

Lite Premium Pro Pro

Mobile App

Install the VIN Studio mobile app to quickly capture photos of inventory while on the lot that sync to IIM in real-time as you work!

Vehicle Comment Creation

Use our Do-It-Yourself comment composer, or use the fully automated algorithm to reduce cost per vehicle.

DIY DIY Auto Auto

Automated Vehicle Pricing

Automatically adjust pricing based on custom business rules, and store multiple price values per VIN.

Syndicate Inventory Data Online

Inventory data can be exported online in near-real-time to web sites and apps. DPC supports hundreds of sites all over the Internet.


List Vehicles on Classified Sites

Use our DIY Ad Automation product or fully automated service to create compliant listings on CraigsList™, eBay Classifieds, Backpage.com, and more.

Assigned Business Solutions Expert

We’ll assign a dedicated representative who will work with your Content Expert and your team to optimize our services, work with your third party vendors, and make sure everything just works.

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