Vehicle Videos are Marketing Super Food for your dealership! Video improves email and website viewer engagement, increases lead conversion, increases purchase frequency, and improves Search Engine Results Page (SERP) visibility for your company.

AutoUpLink Tech's video portfolio includes three options to fit any dealership's monthly budget:



expert service to record, produce and syndicate videos



software for the dealership video professional with the time, hardware and experience



generation of vehicle videos by stitching vehicle photos together with a human voice over recording

  • Mix and match these three options for 100% inventory coverage and to address day-to-day marketing needs. And with our unique Content Automation Engine, each video includes:
  • VIN-specific, vehicle rebate & incentive overlays;
  • VIN-specific, Vehicle History Report overlays;
  • Custom video wrappers (at the beginning & end of each video);

And all AutoUpLink Tech video is distributed all over the Internet using our proprietary syndication technology to augment your inventory listings, webpages, and social media sites.

The Highlight Reel

Why Video, Why Now: Video is the most effective and descriptive medium for presenting and merchandising products. Deliver richer product presentations with greater impact because consumers spend up to 50% more time watching video than reading static listings with photos.

We Know Video: Our on-staff experts specialize in the trade craft of creating, producing, maintaining, curating and distributing dynamic and cost-effective videos. We design each video to help you reach and engage your customers with rich content that results in increased sales and monthly ROI. This is what we do.

On-the-lot Video Services: Do you really have the time, hardware and expertise internally to address 100% of your video marketing needs? Our On-the-lot expert service gets it all done today, tomorrow and as technology evolves.

Do-it-yourself Mr. Spielberg: AutoUpLink Tech delivers the most powerful and robust suite of video software in the automotive industry for the qualified do-it-yourself dealership video professional. When you're the only person to accomplish the video mission, you need proven technology, support and training.

Feature Lite Standard Pro

Free Samsung Galaxy Camera

License Video360 for six months or more and receive one free camera.

Web App

Use the web app to organize videos, edit videos, upload videos in bulk, and more.

Number of Videos

No limit to the number of videos you create means there’s no limit to your creativity.

Real-time Analytics

View and share real-time reports and analytics about video syndication and performance.

24 x 7 CustomerCare

Need help in a pinch? Remote assistance is only a phone call, email, chat or text away!

Online & On-site, Instructor-led Training

Enjoy free online training for all Video360 users for the life of the contract! Or if that’s not enough, we’ll send a field team to your location for training at your dealership (extra training fees will apply).

Photo Slideshow Videos from Stock Photos for Pre-owned Vehicles

Stop waiting for videos to be available online until after vehicle prep occurs and photos are taken. Photo slideshow video is online 24-hours after vehicles are stocked into inventory influencing accelerated vehicle turn.

Trim-specific, Photo Slideshow Videos from Stock Photos for New Vehicles

Save time and ensure 100% video coverage by syndicating trim-specific videos for new vehicles that include stock video clips captured by professional videographers using HD hardware.

Photos Slideshow Videos from VIN-specific Photos

Once photos have been taken of the vehicle, a new photo slideshow replaces the stock photograph video online, improving engagement by focusing on key selling points.

Create Your Own Vehicle Videos

Capture vehicle videos and record voice overs to replace photo slideshows online to boost engagement and focus on selling points.

Native Mobile Apps

Install apps for iOS and Android, SmartPhones and Tablets to capture videos that automatically upload for syndication.

Trim-specific, Stock Image, Photo Slideshow Videos

Save time and ensure 100% video coverage by syndicating trim-specific videos for new vehicles that include stock video clips captured by professional videographers using HD hardware.

Branded Intros & Outros

All videos support branded video wrappers to promote your business and brand identity.

Automated, Actor Voice Overs

All videos are produced by default with a professional, voice actor’s, voice over to maximize engagement and professionalism.

Record Your Own Voice Overs

Record your own custom voice overs for vehicle videos. Replace the default human voice over, or record from scratch!

Customizable, Static Overlays

All videos support overlays to promote vehicle features or any selling point. Static overlays do not automatically update and remain the same once the video has been syndicated online.

Automatically Update All Overlays

Overlays in syndicated videos are automatically updated to insert new prices, new selling points, etc. No more out-dated video content!

Syndicate Videos to 3rd Parties

Videos can be distributed to any dealership vendor, supplier, site or application where vehicles are listed and advertised, excluding YouTube and Facebook.

Mobile-ready Videos

All syndicated videos are mobile ready to ensure they display properly on any SmartPhone.

Syndicate Videos to YouTube

Videos are posted to your YouTube channel.

Retain Videos on YouTube to Boost SEO

Videos will not be deleted from your YouTube channel, elevating SEO benefits of popular videos from sold vehicles.

Real-time Inventory Updates

Video360 receives inventory updates from third party DMS systems or inventory management apps. Or go all in and use our inventory management app for a single solution!

Vehicle History Content

Automatically add CarFax vehicle history report content to all pre-owned vehicle videos to boost consumer confidence and engagement.

Render Inventory Photos from a Video

Our exclusive photo generation technology automatically creates photos of inventory vehicles from video clips, precluding the need for separate photography labor costs.

Syndicate Videos to Facebook

Post vehicle videos to your Facebook inventory listings on your page.

Promotional Videos

Add-on for any dealership employee to capture testimonial or promotional videos that can be distributed anywhere online.

Video Mail

Easy-to-use add-on for sales reps and sales managers to record videos of customers or vehicles. Capture video testimonials from new customers, capture a video trade appraisal, and email video walk-arounds from the sales person to each qualified prospect.

Included in Package
Can be Added
Cannot be Added