First impressions matter. And you can't bank on second chances. On the lot vehicle promotion and presentation is a basic building block for any successful retailer. And it all begins with professional, easy-to-maintain window labels. And AutoUpLink Tech manufactures, prints and ships all popular Window Label types, sizes and shapes:

  • Window Stickers
  • Buyer's guides
  • Addendums
  • Stock Tags
  • Hang Tags
  • and Promotional stickers of all shapes and sizes

Every labels is a durable, weather resistant vinyl (no fading, no peeling, no cracking) and all are "easy on/easy off" for fast application per vehicle. Plus you can print your vehicle data onto the labels using any laser printer in your facility.

Sample Window Stickers

Hang Tags+

The day-to-day energy, effort and expense involved in selecting and prepping vehicles for display on the lot adds up: Grease pens ($), oil based markers ($), decals ($), factory stickers ($), paper hang tags ($), die cut decals ($$), angled model year stickers ($)... and what about vehicles that stick around for a while that get a couple treatments?

Our Hang Tags + app allows dealers of all sizes to easily and inexpensively design, create and print engaging stickers and decals. Stickers can be used to present content about mileage, price, payment, and more. And replace the numerous pre-printed tags and templates lying around that you hand-write today. Hang Tags + prints adhesive labels in almost any size and shape with your branded content.

Sample Hang Tags

Sample Window Labels

Window Stickers

  • Pre-printed dealer-specific templates using UV smudge-resistant ink. Stickers remain bright and easy to read even under harsh conditions;
  • Custom designed window stickers to meet any design need;
  • Labels printed in a controlled environment in our ISO 9000 facilities;
  • Print a CARFAX© Vehicle History Report on each window sticker;
  • Print EPA Estimated MPG Ratings on each window sticker;
  • Print QR Codes;
  • Print Text Messaging Short Codes on window stickers;
  • Language-correct Spanish versions for use in conjunction with English versions, where required;
Window Sticker

Buyer's Guides

Colorful, engaging and content-rich! Our comprehensive and easy-to-understand Buyers Guides comply fully with federal and state regulations, display dealer state-specific warranty information and can be customized to include dealer-specific warranty data, as well as information pertaining to "Certified" programs.

  • Federal and State compliance on all available warranties, such as 60-days / 2,500 miles, "Systems Covered" information and "Duration" statements.
  • Comprehensive pre-owned vehicle warranty matrix for all year, make, model, and trim combinations.
  • Customizable dealer warranties auto insert for the appropriate vehicles, like 12 month/12,000 miles.
  • Support printing of the "Balance of Factory Warranty" data for each manufacturer based on the specific warranty by year for each vehicle.
  • Certified Pre-owned vehicle labels for any manufacturer, including optional warranty information, specific to all "Certified" programs, including "Systems Covered" and "Duration" data.
  • Spanish language translations: these are not just generic translations, but legal translations of the English versions and vehicle information for each vehicle.
Sample Buyer's Guide