How to Buy

Go Solo or Go All In

80% of our customers purchase one of our Packages or Bundles to implement single-sign-on for multiple products and services. While others start with a single app, and then add incrementally over time. But everything is governed by a single license agreement that you can add or remove things from whenever you want to. Complex, rigid contracts are for lawyers and corporate conglomerates, not us.

Expert Guidance

While you shop and compare options, work with a single product expert who can clearly and concisely explain everything in our arsenal. And from online demos to free trials, our goal is to ensure you get only the products or services you need today, while leveraging the ability to add other items you need over time.

Flexible Licenses

When it’s decision time and you say “let’s do this!”, you choose the license term that fits your comfort level. You can elect month-to-month, quarterly, semi-annual or annual terms. 90% of our customers choose to start up with a quarterly license term. When our team and tech prove themselves after a few cycles, customers can then bounce to a longer term license to save more money. What will you choose to start?

Flexible Payments

Pay with any major credit card, or elect a secure and safe automatic debit from any company checking account. Alternatively, and for a nominal additional processing fee, you can retain control and mail us paper checks.

We provision new customers within 48 hours of payment for everything we do. Once you decide “Let’s do this!”, we’re ready to rock.