Automotive data captured, enriched, stored, and distributed in real-time by AutoUpLink Tech's DataSync platform allows application developers and providers to focus on their core competencies while we handle the dirty data work.

The Highlight Reel

For Developers: Even a “simple” data integration project can include hundreds of use cases your customers and users don't expose to you until you’re already in production and at risk. Sleep better at night, and focus all your creative cycles on your product, not the pitfalls of accessing, mapping and maintaining their data.

For Providers: data integration and synchronization with third party systems is a requirement for web based applications today. You’re users expect it, but your organization may not have enough developers on stand-by to release it now, maintain it forever and upgrade it on-demand. That’s what AutoUpLink Tech‘s DataSync Platform is all about. We’ll fit nicely into your application stack and ecosystem to ensure a seamless technical and business relationship.

Dealer Management System (DMS) Extraction: We love the smell of burnt data in the morning (a la Apocalypse Now). You don't. Just extracting data consistently and reliably from legacy systems like the DMS is brutal on your own; and standardizing, cleansing and matching the data? Forget about it. AutoUpLink Tech's DataSync Platform is the answer.

Inventory Data Fusion: With over 10 years experience manipulating and optimizing inventory vehicle data, our DataSync Services platform optimizes raw dealer inventory data by infusing accurate, marketing data (at the VIN level) allowing you to avoid license fees for third party data. We'll produce a file or message your system can consume in real-time with all the inventory you need and want for a stellar user experience.

Open API: Need more than just inventory data? The DataSync Platform's open API provides multiple, automotive data types for both vehicle-centric and customer-centric systems. And with an open architecture and respect for open-source technologies and standards, there's no proprietary technology to compensate for on your side. Now that's design focused.