Design email campaigns, obtain more accurate email addresses, and reach the inbox every time. No limits for storage, sent emails, or campaigns per month. And real-time analytics visualize who’s reading, clicking through and consuming your email campaigns, removing the guesswork from marketing. With do-it-yourself or managed service options, Bullseye delivers.

The Highlight Reel

Managed Services: The search is over if you need a full-service email campaign solution. We’ll take your email list, design the content, test deliverability, send the campaign, and review the results with you so you can adjust and optimize future campaigns.

Web-based Software: Bullseye is entirely web-based and available in the Cloud to all your employees. No proprietary hardware or software is necessary to get started with the do-it-yourself version.

Yes You Can: Send newsletters, offers, surveys, announcements, invitations, and much more from Bullseye. Organize your campaigns into folders and quickly clone successful template content to adjust and quickly deliver new campaigns.

End-to-end Email Campaign Management: Bullseye allows marketing professionals to develop lists of opted-in recipients, create content specific to the individual, test the communication, deliver it and receive tracking analysis for each campaign.

Deliverability Gets Results: Email campaign deliverability, and the ability to reach the inbox, are crucial to email campaign success. Bullseye optimizes email delivery as a Trusted Sender to avoid SPAM filters.

Easy to Use Interface: Bullseye makes all of this possible in a simple, yet powerful, interface that can be used by the technical and non-technical users alike. Whether you are planning your first email marketing initiative or taking an established campaign to the next level, Bullseye offers the perfect balance of simplicity and sophistication.

Features & Benefits
  • Real-time Analytics: see the results of each campaigns as time passes after delivery
  • No limit on emails sent: Sends unlimited emails per campaign, per day, per month, etc.
  • Send a campaign as you create it, or schedule Delivery for later based on prior successful campaigns
  • Design HTML email content for individual campaigns using an easy-to-use editor or write HTML
  • List Management: Import email lists (CSV, Excel, and Database formats) to increase recipients for future campaigns
  • Scores recipients over time to rate readers and email fans based on replies and responses
  • CAN-SPAM compliant technology to ensure legal compliance
  • Opt Out/Hard Bounce automation avoids sending unwanted emails in future campaigns
  • Private sender domain included improves email deliverability
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Service Coupons and Campaigns
  • Unlimited Mail Merge fields to Personalize the message
  • Supports configurations of multiple mail servers for large organizations